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Melinda's Bakery

About Melinda's Gluten Free Bakery

From Melinda herself:

I have been an avid baker since my grandma brought me into her kitchen when I was young. She taught me traditional Armenian recipes, as well as how to play with food to create amazing things. I worked with lots of caterers and in many different restaurants and kept up my love affair with food. Then everything changed. I got very sick and there was nothing that seemed to help. Through research and experimentation, I realized that food allergies were a large part of what was hurting me so much. When I was finally diagnosed in 2007, with gluten intolerance, I spent weeks eating nothing but corn tortillas and sausage as I searched for foods I could tolerate. I thought that I would never have a good piece of bread or a mouth-watering brownie again. I thought I would have to give up my love of food.

Instead of giving in to my assumption, I began to bake (and bake and bake and bake) and found ways to not only make food I loved, but food that others love as well. Since then, there has been a huge up-rise in foods that are available for those who have special dietary restrictions like mine. Some is amazing, some is amazingly not, but I have found a way to make the food I love work for me again. I spend hours developing each and every recipe and mix that I put out, but I balance that with bringing simplicity to the flours. I use as much organic produce and flour as I can and I believe strongly in the farm to table lifestyle that has become such an important trend in food today.

I hope that you enjoy my products and can taste the love in every bite. I am so excited to have started this company so that I can share what I have developed. I take great joy in thinking of that person who can get something wonderful to eat while out, and I am excited to provide a way for your company to reach the gluten free population.

Melinda Harrower

- Owner, Baker, Gluten Free Creator

Are you interested in carrying our products? Please call during business hours, or contact Melinda at melindasgf@gmail.com

What Gluten Free Products Are Available?

We offer a variety of gluten free baked items every day. This list would include but not be limited to: donuts, muffins, cinnamon rolls, loaves of bread, baguettes, bagels, monkey bread, brownies, lemon bars, cookies, and our famous gluten free puff pastry and croissants.

See our Gluten Free Menu for a more detailed list of gluten free baked goods.