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Melinda's Bakery

Gluten Free Products

Everything here at Melinda's Gluten Free Bakery is Gluten Free!

That's right! Everything is Gluten Free! We offer many variations of our products to accommodate those that are nut free, dairy free and vegan. Please inform us of your personal preferences when ordering over the counter and over the phone.

We try to balance carrying consistent products (like donuts, muffins, loaves of bread, etc...) while also providing some variety of those products.

We fill our case every morning with some staple gluten free goodies listed below. You are, of course, welcome to Special Order specific products to meet your needs with Appropriate Lead Time.

Apple Pie Donut

Daily Gluten Free Goodies

Our Daily Gluten Free Goodies are baked fresh every morning and are stocked straight from the kitchen to our retail counter.

We make all our own pie fillings FRESH with NO Preservatives.

Special Order Only - Gluten Free Goodies

Most of our Special Order only items require a minimum quantity. For example: if you wanted two types of cupcakes, the minimum order would be a dozen (6 of each flavor.)

Special Order singles
Special Order (min qty 4)
Special Order (min qty 6)
Pizza Crust

Are you tired of that cardboard thin gluten free pizza crust? So were we! So we created a thick gluten free pizza crust that's par baked - just for you! It's available in 4 sizes: 10" or 14". They range from $4/per to $7.25/per. Yes, you can order just one at a time. We have a regular customer that gets THREE 14" pizza crusts per week! Bet ya can't eat just one!

Gluten Free Buttery Croissants

To the best of our knowledge, we are the ONLY supplier of gluten free croissants. These are a special treat! They come in 3 amazing flavors!

Limit 3 per customer - you may special order a higher quantity with 5 days advanced notice.