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Melinda's Bakery

Special Order

Many of our items are inherently dairy free. Most of our items can be made vegan. If you have a quantity of 4 or more (of anything) we recommend placing an order with 48 hour advanced notice.

How do I place a Special Order?

You are welcome to call (831) 316-5081 or visit our gluten free bakery during regular business hours.

When Do I Need to Place a Special Order?

Quantities over 3 (of anything) may require special order. For a List of Special Order Items & Quantities.

How Long Does a Special Order Take?

Typically we need 48 hours advanced notice for a simple order (donuts, cup cakes, muffins, pizza crust, etc... )

Buttery Croissants are a special treat and require a FIVE DAY notice for special order. { Qty over 3 }